Welcome to the 2021 NJ Local News Summit



Noon: Welcome and introductions
Speakers: Cassandra Etienne and Stefanie Murray of the Center for Cooperative Media

12:15 p.m.: A collective agenda and vision for New Jersey local news (RECORDING | SLIDES)
A group of stakeholders across media in New Jersey has been meeting regularly over the last several months to create a vision for what the future of news and information could look like. You’ll hear about the group’s work on a collective agenda and what’s next.

1 p.m.: Behind the scenes of the NJ Civic Information Consortium
One full year after the NJ Civic Information Consortium was first funded, board members will join the Summit to talk about its accomplishments, challenges, and what lies ahead as it plans its next round of funding.

1:30 p.m.: What community information need assessments found in Atlantic City, Camden and Newark
Over the last year, Outlier Media led local information needs assessments in Atlantic City, Camden and New Jersey in partnership with Free Press, Stories of Atlantic City, the Newark News + Story Collaborative and the Center for Cooperative Media. Hear what they found and how they used the info.

2 p.m.: Break
Stretch your legs and get a snack!

2:15 p.m.: Why reporters and producers across New Jersey have voted to unionize (RECORDING)
The unionization effort across the state has been nothing short of historic. Hear from multiple journalists about why they chose to join a union, what’s happened since, and what’s next.
Host: Joe Amditis, Center for Cooperative Media

3 p.m.: Break
Another chance to take your eyes off the computer for a few minutes!

3:15 p.m.: A look at the South Jersey Information Equity Project (RECORDING)
Nearly two years after the idea first surfaced, we will look at what the SJEIP report found and what’s happening now to support Black journalists in Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties.
Speaker: Cassandra Etienne, Center for Cooperative Media

3:45 p.m.: Lightning talks (RECORDING)
Hear from a variety of people from across the New Jersey local news ecosystem talk about projects they are working on, ideas they have and support they can offer. Presentations will each be ~5 minutes long.

  • Josie Gonsalves on how Public Square is using journalism as a tool for public engagement.
  • Simon Galperin on how the Community Info Coop is using listening to build a community-run news service in Bloomfield.
  • Sharene Azimi on what INN sees as the nonprofit news difference.
  • Michael Shapiro on TAPinto’s DIY content submission process and how revenue doubled to over $70K this year from approximately $35K in 2020.
  • Ambreen Ali on how the NJ Diverse Sources Database is helping to improve source diversity in NJ reporting.
  • Tehsuan Glover on how local media entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to be an incredible partner to their clients as well as their end users.
  • Clyde Hughes and Kenneth Miles on what it was like as a local news entrepreneur working with Facebook Bulletin over the last year.
  • Kenny Katzgrau on how Broadstreet worked with multiple publishers over the last year to build the NJ AdLab.
  • Kleibeel Marcano (pre-recorded) on how Reporte Hispano served Spanish-speaking communities in New Jersey throughout the pandemic.
  • Tom Bergeron on the lessons he learned from starting his own print and digital news publication called ROI-NJ.

5 p.m.: Wrap-up
Have a great evening!